Take time to remember our vets

Published 8:39 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dear Editor,

In this month of November, we should take a moment to give thanks. We should count our blessings and remember why we are given the honor and privilege to live in this great nation.

We recently took a moment to give special recognition to veterans both living and deceased. Veterans Day, Nov. 11, was observed with a special ceremony at Memorial Stadium.

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I am a member of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Selma Post 3016. At our recent Buddy Poppy Drive on Nov. 12, I realized that so many people do not even know what V.F.W., or Veterans of Foreign Wars, means. We have a sign at Post 3016 in Selma that says it all. “It is not the price you pay to be a member, but the price you paid to become eligible.”

Each member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3016 fought for our freedoms in wars on foreign soil. They were willing to give up everything for you. Some of the things they saw and did changed their lives forever. Yet, they were willing to go anywhere and do anything so that we could remain free.

We need to continue to teach our children the importance of freedom and the price so many men and women paid to secure this freedom. The price of freedom is very high and we should never forget that.

The Department of Alabama Veterans of Foreign Wars offers several youth programs giving students the opportunity to win scholarships by simply writing essays and giving speeches on topics of patriotism. These programs are given to local schools at the beginning of each school year. We welcome any and all participation.

At our post meetings, we encourage communication with our senators and congressmen, who are fighting for veterans rights. So many veterans are denied their rights to healthcare and other benefits. These men and women have fought for us so we need to fight for them. Take a minute to write a letter on their behalf.

Please take the time out of your busy life to thank a veteran. Thank them for their willingness to go and fight so that we can remain free. If you see a serviceman in uniform, please take the time to shake their hand, say thanks and welcome them home. You would be surprised at how much a small think like this will bring a smile to the face of a veteran. They need to know that we support them.

We are blessed to live in this great country. So when you are counting your blessings this Thanksgiving, let’s not forget to thank those go gave us the rights that we share in the United States of America.

God bless America, and the veterans of this great nation.

Patsy Stone

Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary Selma Post 3016