Tag apps cause confusion

Published 11:24 pm Friday, October 14, 2011

Confusion surrounding tag renewals continues to cause problems at the Dallas County Courthouse.

A number of mail-in applications have been returned, Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard said, because some have not interpreted the law correctly when preparing to renew their tags.

To successfully complete the process, Ballard said all of the necessary information must be included.

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“In order for them to renew their tags, anybody that is on the tag like a husband and wife, we must have a copy of their drivers license or some form of acceptable identification before we can mail them that tag renewal back” he said. “We are okay on most of the walk-ins now, that has gotten a lot better. But some of the mail-ins have not gotten the message.”

The Alabama Department of Revenue announced last week the September 2011 motor vehicle registration deadline has been extended through Oct. 20 for vehicle owners.

ADOR said Alabama vehicle owners whose registration month is September will not be subject to delinquent penalties for late vehicle registration or delinquent penalty and interest charges for late payment of vehicle property tax if registration is completed during the extension period. The renewal extension also applies to individuals who have recently purchased or acquired a vehicle but have not registered it within the 20-day registration period.

Unfortunately, Ballard said many of the October mail-in applications are making the same mistakes as the September mail-ins. He said the county wants to do everything necessary to make sure residents aren’t scrambling at the end of the month to meet the deadline.

“Most of these are October renewals,” he said. “But we don’t want to run up to the end of the month and have a bunch of people out there who haven’t renewed.”
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