Illegal activity is a new trend

Published 11:20 pm Friday, October 14, 2011

There is a disturbing trend permeating a segment of our society today that favors doing things illegally. It is difficult to place in context knowing we are a democratic republic governed by the rule of law. Without respect and adherence to the law of the land, chaos ensues.

What is it about illegal some in our society do not understand? I’m hearing the same type arguments whether it be for illegal gambling in the state or allowing illegal immigrants to freely roam around undocumented.

You even hear some attorneys argue illegal gambling and illegal immigration is good for the country. If that were the case, being legal must be bad. I wonder what law school teaches only the laws you agree with should be obeyed?  If it is a bad law, perhaps it should be changed, but not disobeyed. Laws are essential in the society we live in today more so than ever.

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All through the raids on casinos we heard the cries of those opposed to obeying the law. They whined that it would displace thousand of workers who depended on the illegal operation. It would deprive the schools of needed funds to educate the children (some education, huh) and it would be bad for the economy in general. I never understood what goods or services the casinos produced except to clean the pockets of anyone frequenting them. No thanks, my pockets do not need cleaning.

Recently, the cry is over Alabama’s tough new immigration law. The produce farmers are complaining of not being able to gather their crops. You wonder if they thought about  hiring legal citizens or at least making sure their workers were here legally. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about things. Take note, illegal is not the right way.

Then, there are those who show up on the last day to purchase tags at the courthouse. What can you say about this type behavior; you should have known better? You have had all month to purchase tags. Sorry, you will get no sympathy from me for procrastinating and being inconvenienced.

For those who fear going to hell for obeying the law, I’m not sure any answer will suffice. However, I can’t recall a single instance Jesus advocated breaking the law, quite the contrary.

It is the federal government’s responsibility to enforce immigration laws, but this federal administration refuses to enforce any law it does not like. That proves my premise, but does not set a good example.   Cheers.