Orrville sirens back in rotation

Published 8:36 pm Saturday, July 30, 2011

When the Dallas County Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency conducts its regularly scheduled test of outdoor warning sirens Tuesday, the Orrville unit will not be silent.

The siren had sustained damage from rodents, who had entered the unit’s cabinet and chewed the wiring harness, Dallas County EMA director Rhonda Abbott said. However, the siren will be in the rotation.

“The Orrville siren is up and working,” she said. “All of our sirens should be in working order for the test.”

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Though the sirens are working, Abbot still encourages Dallas County residents to have a backup plan. At a recent Dallas County Commission meeting, Abbott encouraged everyone not to rely on the sirens unless they are outdoors.

“The EMA really encourages citizens to not be totally dependent on sirens as the only way to receive severe weather warnings,” she said.

“Sirens fail. Sirens are intended for persons outdoors to hear and are not designated for indoor warnings.  Everyone should have a NOAA weather radio, with battery backup to alert them of inclement weather conditions.”

Tests will take place Tuesday, Aug. 2 at 10 a.m.

If you do not hear your siren, report the information to the Dallas County EMA at 874-2515.

If the threat of severe weather exists on the day of the test, the test will occur the following Wednesday.
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