Selma stars fall to Thomasville

Published 7:32 pm Saturday, July 9, 2011

Selma pitchher Rondarius Sanders fires a pitch to the plate in the first inning of the Selma 9 and 10-year-old All-Star team’s game with Thomasville. -- Robert Hudson

Robert Hudson

The Selma Times-Journal

The Selma 9-10 AAA All-Stars’ season came to an end last night as they fell to Thomasville 12-1, making them the runner-up for District 4.

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This was the first year for Selma’s 9-10 team. Coach Milam Turner said he’s proud of what his team accomplished by being the runner-up in its first season.

“The kids got out there and hustled, but the main thing we want is we want the kids to learn something and I hope they did,” he said. “I hope they got better.”

The Thomasville All-Stars were in control the entire night.

They went on a 12-0 run scoring at least once in each inning and keeping the Selma All-Stars off the board until the fourth and final inning.

Turner said, regardless of the loss, he’s really proud of what his team accomplished in its first year of play.

He said the players all worked hard and he highlighted one player, whom he called the team’s most improved, as an example of how the team learned and improved throughout the tournament.

“Willie Fletcher is the most improved player on the team,” Turner said. “He got after it and improved. If they all played like him it’d just be fantastic and 95 percent of them did.”

Fletcher said he’s proud of his team and what they accomplished.

“I feel good, we did the best we could and we made it far,” Fletcher said.

“We did it without crying when we lost and we’re proud because we did our best.”

Turner added that the team accomplished a lot, and the things they learned will benefit them as they move up to the next level.

“I thought they played real well and I think they’ve learned a lot,” Turner said. “I think next year as the 10-year-olds are moving to 11 they’ll have learned a lot and as the 9-year-olds move up to 10 they’ll take something with them. It’s a building process.”