Shelter yard sale response ‘pawsome’

Published 11:07 pm Saturday, June 4, 2011

Debbie Clark and Cassandra Deaton check out Nat Rudulph near the end of Saturday’s yard sale to benefit the Selma Animal Shelter. Rudulph said he said he thinks he was able to purchase some things he can use and able to help out the shelter at the same time. -- Alison McFerrin

By Alison McFerrin

The Selma Times-Journal

Yard sales seem to show up on every corner during the summer, but not all of them have a cause.

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Saturday’s yard sale at Selma Animal Shelter was held with the goal of buying grates for the puppy kennels, and Debbie Clark said folks in Selma stepped up to the challenge.

“I think we’re going to have enough to put in the 12 grates,” Clark said. Each grate costs about $100, and is useful for keeping the puppy cages drier and cleaner; currently, none of the kennels are equipped with these grates.

Clark and Lorraine Alexander had their first yard sale for the shelter in December of 2010, and Clark said they would like to do two every year.

Cassandra Deaton, who volunteers at the shelter, said they had a good turn out, with “a lot of people that care about the animals, even though it was 100 something degrees out here.”

The heat didn’t stop the support, and even as they started packing everything up about noon, people were still trickling in and out to browse the items for sale.

“I love animals, and I support what they’re doing,” said Nat Rudulph, who picked up some cups, a platter and some clothing. Rudulph said it is the benevolent attitude of the shelter that drives him to support their cause.

The animal shelter only had one adoption during the sale, however, and so there are still plenty of animals and yard sale items left. But Clark said they will probably try to have another sale in November or December to raise money for another missing element at the shelter.

“We’ll just kind of wait and see what they tell us they need,” Clark said.