Ward 3 representative must have Selma in their heard

Published 9:24 pm Monday, May 23, 2011

It is a newspaper’s role to normally offer an endorsement ahead of elections. Whether it is an election to select a president, governor or senator or one that goes to approve a constitutional amendment or tax, newspapers have taken strong opinions — at times controversial and unpopular — to offer insight ahead of the vote.

In this case, with eight candidates vying for the open Ward 3 position on the Selma City Council, an endorsement of one candidate over another is not as important as offering an endorsement on the qualities such a candidate should possess. Let us first offer our sincere thanks to those qualified candidates who stepped forward, put their lives somewhat on hold and willingly sought a position of public servitude.

It is a job many fantasize about, but few attempt. It is a job with little thanks and far too much criticism. It is a job where every decision is scrutinized and every word parsed.

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It is for those reasons we support the candidate who is strong in their beliefs, steadfast in their opinions and grounded.

We support the candidate who has thought this process out and understands they not only represent the residents of Ward 3 but Selma as a whole. We support the candidate who takes their lives, their jobs and their families seriously, for this is a job they must also take seriously. Being a city council member in Selma may be a part-time job on paper, but it is in reality a full-time job. We support the candidate who is able to leave their politics at the door and vote their conscience and weigh decisions based on the merit of the information presented.

We support the candidate who is Selma, for Selma and of Selma. This has nothing to do with where someone is born or raised, but rather where their true heart is.

Is there a candidate who embodies all of these traits, all of these beliefs? We hope so; Selma deserves no less. Today, we again thank the city for choosing to hold this special election to allow the voters of Ward 3 to make their choice. It is now up to the voters, the way it should be.