Volunteers to help restore history

Published 11:43 pm Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pictured above is Lynn Hall on the campus of today’s Concordia College-Selma. A group of volunteers, faculty and students plan to spend the next week in giving the historic building a makeover. Among the volunteers is a group of farmers from Wisconsin.

As many schools go on their spring breaks to take a break from class work, some Concordia College students, faculty and tourists will choose to volunteer instead.

A group of about 34 Wisconsin farmers are on a mission to rebuild Concordia. The team plans to visit Concordia College’s campus for one week, beginning this weekend and ending April 2, to renovate one of the school’s oldest buildings, Lynn Hall.

Built in 1925, the building was named after the school’s first president the Rev. R.O. Lynn and was once a woman’s dormitory and an administrative office with classrooms.

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Christine Weerts, director of development and communications for Concordia, said the men, who are also carpenters, are excited about coming to Selma to help out the Lutheran school any way they can.

“We are the only Lutheran and historically black college in the nation,” Weerts said. “They are Lutheran as well and they have great building skills. They want to volunteer their services and are interested in the civil rights movement as well.”

Weerts said the men have worked with Concordia’s president, Dr. Tilahun Mekonnen Mendedo when he was a pastor in Mobile, and she said they admire his dedication to the college.

The team will do a complete renovation to Lynn Hall, inside and out, by the time students return April 2.

“It’s about our history,” Weerts said. “Even some faculty, staff and some students will come back during the break to volunteer their time. It’s a great thing.”

Founded in 1916 by Rosa Young and built in 1922, Concordia College was formerly known as Alabama Lutheran Academy and Junior College.