Ellwood needs help preserving memories

Published 10:59 pm Monday, March 21, 2011

It’s not an easy task becoming a champion.

Long hours of work, dedication and some luck are all needed to become the best.

Plenty of teams in this area have reached the final goal of their high school sports career over the years and just as many have come up just short of their final goals.

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I know this because when I was a senior at Demopolis High School I was lucky enough to be on baseball and football teams that would win.

I know the hard work that it takes for a team to earn the right to be the best in the state and I have a couple of rings that sit on my mantle and still remind me of our accomplishments.

My teams were lucky enough to have boosters and the people of Demopolis willing to give money so that we could have these little tokens that symbolize what we were able to achieve just five short years ago.

This year’s basketball season had many teams that were close to reaching their dreams, but fell just short. Only Ellwood Christian Academy achieved the ultimate goal.

The Eagles fought their way to the top of the AISA Class A basketball pile and emerged the last one standing at Huntingdon College.

Now the Eagles are trying to buy keepsakes of their own as a reminder of this year’s team.

Coach Carl Rawls said the cost of the rings for the 13 Eagles players would be about $3,800, but as of right now Ellwood can only come up with about half that.

Each of those players deserves to have something to remember, I know we can all help.

Every little bit counts, even if it is a donation of $1 or $2.

We can do it, Selma, let’s help these Eagles get what they deserve.