In Alabama, football is a way of life

Published 8:58 pm Monday, July 11, 2011

At the point of writing this column, I have watched the USA-Brazil Women’s World Cup game three times.

By the time you all read it, that number could be more.

I’ve watched the replays on ESPN, the internet and any other outlet I can, because each time it’s just as awesome to see as the last.

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I have watched as many of the World Cup games this year as I can, whether the United States is in a match or not. I tell you this just to show you how much I like soccer, I even have a favorite club team, Everton FC in Liverpool.

All the while, in the excitement of Abby Wombach heading in a perfect cross from Megan Rapinoe to keep the US women alive 122 minutes into the game or Hope Solo making a great save during penalty kicks, all I could think is “I can’t wait for the real football season.”

Watching world class players in soccer doesn’t come close to seeing players from Selma, Dallas County, or my favorite college gearing up to hit one another.

I guess it’s just the way we are raised, check that, I know it’s how we are raised.

Football is king, here, it’s closer to religion.

With just under two months left before games begin, the time to start thinking about how are favorite people will do is upon us. No other sport moves us and enthralls us like football.

Sure, we fill our time away from football with other sports like the MLB All-Star Game, or every few years the Olympics, or the men’s or women’s World Cup, but they are all stop gaps.

But fear not, only 53 days keeps us from that first contact. We even have the circus that is SEC Media Days on the horizon.

Local schools have already began working out while some search for new coaches.

Three teams from our area made the play-offs last year and all are hoping to get back with a couple of others who just missed, including Francis Marion who was essentially two points shy. So while I hope you all jump on the USA ladies bandwagon for the next week, I know where are true hearts lie, and I’m right there with you.