Pomeroy throws no-hitter, hits home run

Published 7:20 pm Wednesday, March 9, 2011

John Pomeroy holds his first homerun ball on Wednesday at Morgan. On Tuesday Polmeroy threw a no-hitter along with hitting a homerun in a 11-0 Senator’s win.

It was after the third inning that John Pomeroy first began thinking he could throw a no-hitter for Morgan Academy.

Just two innings later, the junior would throw the last strike to complete his first ever no-hitter in a varsity game.

“Once I got through their line-up the first time I thought I could do it,” Pomeroy said. “I knew how to pitch them, so I thought I could do it again.”

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The no-no wasn’t what Pomeroy’s teammate were cheering for after the last out though, instead, it was his first ever homerun.

“They all enjoyed it,” Pomeroy said. “It was my first ever homerun in a game in my lifetime and they knew that. I wasn’t trying to hit it over. I struck out my first two times and had missed on a pitch before. I was just trying to put the ball in play and it went out.

“I didn’t even know it was a homerun until I passed second base. I saw the centerfielder on the ground and thought the ball had dropped, when I turned around second I saw the umpire.”

On the mound, it was consistency for the left-handed pitcher that allowed him to maneuver his way through East Memorial Christian, mowing down 10 of them.

“I wanted to make sure I hit all of my spots,” he said. “Sure, speed helps when you are up there, especially coming from the left side since not many are used to seeing it move. When you hit spots though, even when they hit it, it won’t be hard.”

Pomeroy just doesn’t get it done on the field, though.

In the classroom he is an A-B student at Morgan.

“It’s one of those things,” Pomeroy said. “You know you have to do it well and can’t slip up. So you just get it done.”

Pomeroy and the Senators are scheduled to face Prattville Christian School in their first home game of the year on Friday, but the games could be canceled due to the recent weather.