County shows well in contest

Published 10:36 pm Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The county was well-represented with teams like Southside Primary School, above and Valley Grande Elementary School. -- File photos

Dallas County schools showed just what they were made of during MathFest 2011.

The competition, which brings together schools from across the state, is a spelling-bee type contest and the county was well represented with teams from both Valley Grande Elementary and Southside Primary.

“It was just a well organized event,” said Susan Taylor, grandmother of contestant Zach Campbell. “They worked with two grades at a time and kept it a fast tempo so the kids stayed on their feet.”

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The format had proctors call out questions to contestants and answers were written on dry erase maker boards.

Each contestant could make up to 10 mistakes before being fully eliminated from the competition.

“Even after they were eliminated it was good because there were other activities for the kids to do so they kept their attention,” said Taylor. “The whole point was to make it just as fun for the kids as possible. We do all of this stuff to cheer on athletics, but we don’t for academics. They tried their best to have good support for the kids.”

Each school had 10 contestants compete and students from both Valley Grande Elementary and Southside Primary made the regional competition that will take place in Atlanta next month.

“That’s a great thing for these kids,” said Denise Verhof, whose daughter Alyssa competed. “They all did really well and it just goes to show you what kind of education they are getting from all the schools in the area.”

“It was just a great thing,” said Taylor. “We should always encourage academics like they did.”