Selma Fire Dept. capitalizes on bond

Published 10:47 pm Saturday, January 22, 2011

The $12 million bond passed by Selma citizens has been a big help to the Selma Fire Department.

The department has already felt the help with two new fire engines that have beefed up production.

“The bond has done a lot already for us,” Selma assistant fire chief Mark Walker said. “We have been able to make those changes. We’ve also already been able to do the roofs on departments 2 and 3.”

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Right now, workers are improving the inside of fire station No. 2.

“A lot of the improvement being done is on the inside is on the insulation of the building,” said Walker. “We are trying to replace some of these single-paned windows to a more efficient double-paned window. In doing that we hope that we can get operation costs down by saving energy and power. That will save money in the long run and also be more efficient.”

Walker said the workers would also be able to take care of an asbestos problem at Station 2.

“Being able to take care of that little problem, it would really improve the health of our firefighters,” Walker said. “It’s little things like that that really help us do our best job for our city.”

Selma fire chief Michael Stokes said the next station that is scheduled for renovation would be station No. 3, which also serves as the headquarters for the Selma Fire Department.

After its completion, the rest of the fire stations will have their work done as well, according to Stokes.