Wasteful spending must stop now

Published 11:43 pm Thursday, January 13, 2011

You will have to give some Democrats credit; they are masters at hypocrisy. First of all, the only thing they have concerned themselves with the past two years is ramming ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, and repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” down the throats of the American people.

How about that for an agenda to get America back to work?

Oh sure, they passed a stimulus package that failed to stimulate anything except their tremendous appetite to spend and reward their backers.

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Now that they have initiated their special brand of left wing socialism, all of a sudden, they are concerned about unemployment. Where have they been the past four years, under a rock?

Congress has been under their control and the country has been racking up record deficits, debt and unemployment ever since. The cry for jobs went unheeded, until now.

The Republicans are not blameless themselves for the mess we are in. The latest deal with Obama to extend the Bush tax cuts was terribly flawed.

Not that extending the tax cuts another two years was unwise, but the terms imposed by Obama to keep tax rates from rising was fiscally irresponsible.

It encompassed extending unemployment benefits, doling out subsidies to the ethanol industry and lowering the Social Security withholding tax from 6.2 to 4.2 blowing another three-quarter trillion dollar hole in the budget. We are broke. Doesn’t anyone in Washington D.C. understand that?

These deals have to stop when deficit spending and debt is involved.

We the people simply do not understand the mentality being displayed in Washington, D.C. Both parties need to stop spending, stop waste, prosecute corruption, stop duplication of services, abolish the Energy Department (inefficient & ineffective) and the Education Department (ineffective), cut the federal workforce 20 percent in numbers and salaries (overpaid & outnumber public sector), reduce salaries and benefit packages of Congress (responsible for our fiscal mess), enforce term limits on Congress (reject career politicians), repeal ObamaCare, bring troops home and place them on the border (war not winnable & not worth expending lives and treasury), initiate a work for welfare program, no work, no pay, and purge the Medicare and Social Security system of those who have never paid a cent into the system.

Furthermore, hands off Social Security and Medicare for senior citizens who have worked and paid into the system all their lives, especially since they aren’t the cause of the deficits or debt, unbridled spending is.