Moral conduct impossible to monitor

Published 10:23 pm Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear editor,

You can paint a pig any color you would like, but it is still a pig. Those who would applaud the special session as something worthy of cost are missing the point.

The question should be why are we sending these people to Montgomery in the first place? If they were all of moral character, we wouldn’t even need an ethics law.

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The fact we have to call them into special session to avoid the swapping of votes and back room deals should be of concern to all citizens. Why should we have to pay them extra to pass a bill that should fly through without opposition? It all sounds to me as if the fox is still in the hen house.

It will be impossible to legislate moral conduct. I assure you, the unscrupulous will find a way. I’m reminded of the aphorism, “Locks are made for honest people, because dishonest people will get in anyway.“

James G. Smith