Let’s find a way to work together

Published 1:55 am Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear editor,

Last week State Sen. Hank Sanders’ picture was all over the Montgomery and Selma newspapers talking about the new Criminal Justice Training Center at Wallace Community College Selma.

Yes, it is a facility we should be proud of and I’m glad he worked so hard to keep it here.

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I’m not good at math but something just doesn’t add up. Why does Sen. Sanders work so hard to bring dollars and jobs to this area, but his wife, Rose Sanders, seem to work even harder to knock down everything he’s done?

Imagine how great this town could be if they and all of us worked together to promote Selma.

It could be something as little as picking up litter around your neighborhood or talking positively about Selma when asked … and then the easiest but seemingly hardest to do to promote Selma.

For Selma’s sake, let’s stop airing our dirty laundry for everyone to see and just get along.

Greg Bjelke