Lt. Gov. Folsom comes to Selma

Published 12:38 am Friday, September 3, 2010

James Hammonds, left, and Jean Martin, right, talk with Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom, middle, at a fundraiser event Thursday. Folsom is running for re-election for state lieutenant governor. -- Laura Fenton photo

SELMA — Incumbent Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom Jr. visited Selma Thursday for a meet and greet fundraiser.

“As we all know it, it takes money to run a campaign,” Folsom said. “You have to get your message out through the media and other outlets, so fundraising is just part of the process.”

Holland Powell, president and CEO of Benefit Development Group, hosted the event for Folsom to support the lieutenant governor’s re-election campaign.

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“I’m very pro-business,” Powell said. “So, I support him because he supports business.”

Folsom helped to bring the Mercedes plant to Tuscaloosa County, which opened in 1997. His focus for the next four years, if elected, will be to create even more jobs and flourish economic development.

Marisa Indelicato appreciated the chance to talk with Folsom instead of relying solely on information on television or in advertisements.

“I think it’s obviously good that the businesses are supporting candidates and giving them opportunities in a relaxed setting to meet and get a chance to talk,” she said.

Folsom, a democrat, was elected state lieutenant governor in 2006. He graduated from Jacksonville State University in 1974 and served two terms on the Public Service Commission, two terms of lieutenant governor and as governor in 1993 when Guy Hunt resigned.

Lieutenant governor is the first in line of succession to the governor and serves as president of the state Senate.