Spanish Moss magazine launches

Published 10:01 pm Thursday, August 5, 2010

Desiree Taylor, left, demonstrates the website of Spanish Moss magazine, a regional lifestyle magazine, for guests Harry Gamble, left, and Sandy Green, right, at the publication’s launch party Thursday at Sturdivant Hall.--Laura Fenton photo

Spanish Moss is what this region needs. But, the Moss does not dangle from the branches of Live Oaks — it rests on coffee tables and countertops.

Selma Newspapers Inc. is proud to launch Spanish Moss magazine, the regionally-focused lifestyle magazine for the Black Belt region of Alabama.

“Spanish Moss magazine is the positive lifestyle magazine that locals will look forward to,” said Ashley Key, creative director. “Each issue will provide new and exciting information, ranging from arts, entertainment, health and beauty to the great outdoors, local gatherings and interesting recipes.”

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Since the region did not previously have a lifestyle magazine, the publication will fill this void.

“This magazine is different from any other publication in our area,” said Laura Fenton, editor. “The region has so many stories to tell. Now, we have the perfect outlet to showcase the destinations and people that make our area unique.”

Why name the publication Spanish Moss magazine?

“It’s something that identifies our region,” Fenton said. “Although we are not the only area to have Spanish moss, it’s part of what makes us special. We chose it as the magazine name because whether you live in Selma, Marion, Camden or wherever in Dallas County, the moss links us together.”

The magazine team hosted a launch party Thursday to introduce the publication to the community.

Dennis Palmer, Selma Times-Journal and Spanish Moss publisher, hopes the launch party  created excitement in the community for the magazine.

“Like the members of the Spanish Moss magazine team I’m excited about this project and believe it will be well received by readers and advertisers,” Palmer said. “I’m proud of the staff members who have worked very hard to produce something that fills a readership niche in our community.”

Attendants at the launch party Thursday marveled at the sleek design, high-quality images and informative stories.

“Southern Living is what it reminds me of,” said guest Jimmy Coleman. “For that to come out of our own backyard, that’s something amazing and definitely impressive.”

Sandy Greene, guest at the launch party, is also impressed with the sneak peek issue of the magazine.

“I looked at it and kept thinking ‘This is from Selma,'” Greene said. “Anything positive like that is just great.'”

The premiere edition will be available in stands and online on Oct. 1. To see the sneak peek issue, visit for a digital edition.

Magazines will be available at more than 200 locations in Selma, Dallas County, Marion and Camden.