High school girls show they play like true champions

Published 7:46 pm Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I must take just a second to introduce myself; I am ReGina Newberry from Ashford. I am the mother to Alexis who plays softball at our high school.

I wanted to take a moment to recognize your fabulous young women who participated in this past weekend’s regional tournament in Gulf Shores. With much compliment I write to you all as these young ladies are recognized as model young women who are a compliment to your school, a reflection on the coaching staff and parents who have dedicated their time and efforts to mold and shape these young ladies.

I watched intently on Saturday afternoon in the heat of the day as they played UMS-Wright and what I witnessed was a true testament as to what all girls everywhere should use as model behavior. I listened to the girls as they cheered and chanted and hugged and lifted their players up inning after inning. Even when they were outscored their behavior was exemplary. I walked all about the field and even took an opportunity to listen to the parents on the other side and their behaviors were inexcusable. Your young ladies never lost their smiles nor did they appear to be rattled. I hope that your girls never heard a word this parent chattered.

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I gathered several of our parents to come and watch and cheer your girls and we all concluded that it would in fact be a privilege to play your young ladies and meet your families and coaching staff. Outstanding is the only word that is good enough to describe what we all felt.

It is fair to say when the dust settled, the true champions of the series were your girls. I cried silently as I watched heat depleted girls gather their gear. The raw emotion and heartbreak that each of these young girls experienced was certainly understandable. Their dusty, tear-stained faces and red dirt uniforms was evidence that they had given their all. That’s all we can ask of these fabulous athletes. Although the final score dictated that they weren’t advancing to state, it’s my opinion we will see them again. The tenacity and spirit of every single girl displayed is evidence that they have what it takes to be champions. In my opinion, they were undeniably the champions of this series.

Sometimes it isn’t what the scoreboard reflects, but what you take from it. These young ladies, coaching staff and parents were fabulous examples and many of us were witness to a fabulous lesson. They are winners.

I’m not one to write letters but I felt their program needed to be recognized from the outside as it is a testament to character, spirit, courage and work ethic, and that by far is more important than final scores. These qualities just can’t be coached. It has to come from within.

With much respect I close this letter and knowingly will see your girls again. Hats off to all involved with Dallas County softball program. Your girls rock!

ReGina Newberry

Ashford Yellowjacket mom