Them changes keep happening at the STJ

Published 6:45 pm Saturday, July 19, 2008

One of my favorite songs from the 1970s, “Them Changes,” comes to mind these days.

Buddy Miles, the drummer from Jimi Hendrix’s band, became famous for it after Hendrix died and took his sound with him.

You could say The Selma Times-Journal is going through them changes these days.

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We’ve introduced to you a new Web site. Many of you have registered. Many of you have left positive comments about what you’re seeing and experiencing.

We appreciate that. We also ask you remain patient as we work out any bugs in the system. So far, our glitches haven’t proven deadly to the Web site.

Our news team is working on another change for you.

Last year, we heard a lot about folks who didn’t want to wait until Sunday for high school sports coverage. Couldn’t blame you.

Friday is a holy day of sorts for the football fan. It’s a day to grab your stadium seat or pillow, some peanuts and a soft drink and a program to root on your favorite team or watch a special relative play or just enjoy the fresh air.

Facts are none of us will make it to more than one game on a Friday night. We want to keep up with others in our district and in the Black Belt. We want it on time.

So here’s what The Selma Times-Journal will do. We’re publishing a Saturday paper with the sports news in it.

Our team of reporters and photographers will hustle every Friday night to bring you high school football results, photographs, videos, sound bites and stories from all over our coverage area.

We’ll post results as they come in at HYPERLINK “”

Sports editor Barrett Welch and Managing Editor George L. Jones will sit down and video record “Two Minute Sports” for the Web.

Photographer Amy Collins will pop up on several sidelines every Friday night.

But that’s not all.

We’ll give you at least one locally featured college/university game every week from the Welch and Collins team.

We’ll update you on the Web with scores and provide you with video and audio of those magic moments for your college or university.

It’s our weekend package.

You’ll have to give us a day to catch up, so we won’t publish a print edition on Mondays when football season starts. But you’ll have 24-7 news coverage on the Web.

Them changes?

You bet.