Veteran supports Dr. Ron Paul for president, a conservative

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dear Editor:

The Jan. 3 Selma Times-Journal editorial under the banner &8220;Policing the immigrants in Alabama&8221; states that &8220;&8230;there&8217;s something disturbing about a state police force examining documents and making decisions that immigration officers working for the U.S. government should make.&8221; but doesn&8217;t tell us what it is that is disturbing or why we should be disturbed.

These enforcement officers, after all, have been trained and certified by the federal government precisely to make such decisions and to enforce federal immigration laws.

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Further, the STJ avows that &8220;Perhaps a stronger message to send would be for the state to crack down on employers that bring in illegal immigrants to work for next-to-nothing and live on pennies a day.&8221;

One would ask a stronger message to whom?

Certainly not to the illegals.

What your editorial suggests is that Alabama leave the law breakers alone and arrest, fine and incarcerate the legal Alabama residents who are generating the state&8217;s economy.

And by the way, the illegals in our area are better paid than you suggest, and if they &8220;live on pennies a day,&8221; it is because they send their money back home.

L.S. Allison