The List/Something strange in NCAA air

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 10, 2007

What was the deal with college football teams Saturday night? Or all season, for that matter.

You’d get the impression watching some of these major programs they either don’t want to win or expect a ‘W’ because of the number in front of their names in the AP poll.

It’s disappointing. Sad really.

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But it’s great conversation fodder for guys like me.

7. Maryland-FIU – This was the “way-too-close” game you probably didn’t hear about. Florida International has some kind of hex on the Terps because it took a last-second interception for Maryland to beat the Panthers last year, and the game was a ridiculously tight 26-10 Saturday.

Have I mentioned FIU has lost 14 straight games?

6. Oregon-Michigan – You can feel Big Blue’s pain all the way down here. First Appalachian State gets to the Wolverines, and then the Ducks embarrass them – in Michigan’s home, no less.

Anyone notice that Wolverines coach Lloyd Carr had sunglasses on during the halftime interview? Mighty big, dark sunglasses.

5. Louisville-Middle Tennessee – Nobody wanted to play defense, I guess.

There were 100 total points scored and almost 1,300 yards of combined offense.

In other words, it matched what Auburn is on pace to do this entire season.

4. LSU-Virginia Tech – I don’t care about playing off emotions because of this year’s on-campus tragedy.

The Hokies are supposed to win – or at least compete – because they are a good team. Period.

A 17-7 win over East Carolina and a 48-7 loss to LSU – yes, I know it’s LSU -are not good showings.

3. Notre Dame-Penn State – A lot of people are happy Notre Dame is getting its butt kicked around the field.

“Rudy” is my favorite movie in the entire world, but I hate coach Charlie Weis’ complete denial that he needs a defense to win. You could say I’m torn.

2. Florida State-UAB – The Seminoles got creamed by Clemson last week and had to come from behind to beat a really bad Blazers team.

If I were the paper-bag wearing type fan, no one would see my mug for a week.

Or until the Seminoles beat some team until their fans cried.

1. South Florida-Auburn – Hey, don’t be mad at me. Be mad at the blown coverage that allowed the game-winning touchdown.

It’s not like this is App State beating Michigan. South Florida was a bona fide program way before it set foot on the Plains.

That still doesn’t make this loss acceptable for a team that is a perennial contender for SEC championships.

George L. Jones is sports editor of The Selma Times-Journal. He can be reached at (334) 410-1744 or