This is a Barry Bonds-free column

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sportsfans, I have found there are very few simple pleasures left in life. One, however, I don’t see being replaced anytime soon. This past weekend I had the opportunity to do something that I haven’t done in a while.

I went fishing.

That’s right, my dad and I took to the waters of the mighty Lake Martin and came back with one blown motor and a nine-pound catfish.

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Ok, the dad came back with the nine-pound catfish, I came back with a limb and a rock. I think I caught more trees under the water than I did fish.

But hey, it was a great experience nonetheless because I got to be out of the office, on the water, debating my dislike of professional athletes with my dad.

Now, moving right along.

right sportsfans, we’re going to talk some baseball &045; not the professional version where egos are inflated as much as the paychecks.


We’re talking about the love of the ping, college baseball.

Hey not to brag, but my alma mater is a Top 30 team.

Apparently after winning 14 straight and opening Sunbelt Conference-play 5-0 was enough to the Trojans some love from the National College Baseball Writers’ Association.

Currently, the Trojans are No. 29 above Wake Forrest but behind Wichita State.

The Trojans are the only Sunbelt representative on a list that is loaded with ACC, SEC, Big XII and Pac-10 powers.

But, when it comes time to invite teams to regionals, the Trojans are going to get a little help from at least one team on that list.

The Alabama Crimson Tide, who have went from the little team that could to virtual giant killers after knocking off Miss State nearly a month ago, were beaten by the Trojans in Tuscaloosa. If the Tide keeps rising, that’s going to make that Troy University strength of schedule rise as well.

Right now, the Crimson Tide is ranked No. 15 on the list which is pretty impressive.

Now, an equally impressive accomplishment is that of the University of Alabama’s softball team.

Apparently the Lady Tidesters are dominant on the diamond. UA is led by ace Stephanie VanBrakle defensively and Jordan Praytor offensively.

So far this season, VanBrakle has windmilled her way to a 21-4 record and 251 strikeouts. The season isn’t over with folks. That number could reach 300 by the time the Tide walks in Bulldog Stadium for the Southeastern Conference tournament at the end of May.

Can I get a what?, for $300 Alex.

Now sportsfans I’m going to break kayfabe for a moment and speak on something outside the realm of sports. I just got finished watching AUTOROX on Spike TV, which was an awesome show by the way. But, for the first time I heard the Oscar winning song &8220;It’s hard out here for a pimp.&8221;

This song won an Oscar for best original score to a movie?

Ok sportsfans, I know this is late but, the fact that Hustle &8216;n Flow and the Oscars were even mentioned frustrates me but the fact that this song won one just makes that aneurism that I’m working on pulsate that much more.

Between the 3-6 Mafia winning an Oscar and American Idol being a mega-hit I think it’s comfortably safe to say that the world is hopping in that proverbial handbasket.

Can I have going for a ride for $200 Alex?

Sportsfans, it’s official two arrests have been made in the Duke Lacrosse debacle in North Carolina.

Now, I’m not passing blame, but I do have to question the credibility of the witness when she was described by a gas station attendant as being passed out drunk in someone else’s car.

Come on sportsfans, there was no DNA evidence. There is no real way of telling that the guys that did attack her were even lacrosse players. I think that the University over reacted by canceling the entire season. Now I don’t by any means condone the idiot who got on and posted those statements about the stripper.

I just hope that the prosecutor has arrested the right two guys and not making two adults life’s miserable because he went after the wrong two people.

It’s that simple.