Alleged kidnappers face judge

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Selma TImes-Journal

Frederick Murphy, Jamal Kinard and Freddie McCampbell’s attempts to get youthful offender status in a kidnapping trial were denied by Judge Jack Meigs at an arraignment hearing in the case Tuesday.

Murphy, 21; McCampbell, 17; and Kinard, 19; were charged with kidnapping an 8-year-old and 5-year-old as a retaliation against a rival gang member, on April 20.

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The pair was playing basketball at Cahaba Park West Trailer Park on Highway 22 when they were allegedly kidnapped by the three suspects, according to court records.

The boys were forced to remove their pants, socks and shoes and walk into a pond at Bloch Park.

Shortly after, police said the children were pushed out of a moving vehicle near where they were picked up, sustaining minor cuts and bruises in the process.

Murphy and Kinard, both of Alberta, were arrested shortly after, along with McCampbell. All three are being charged as adults with third-degree kidnapping.

Because none of the suspects are over 21, the state allows them the right to file for youthful offender status. If it was granted, the men would be charged as juveniles meaning their records would be sealed and they could receive lighter sentences.

Selma Police officials said that the three were angry at the 15-year-old brother of the 8-year-old victim.

“They did this to the children to get back at him,” Lt. David Evans, public relations officer for the SPD said in an April interview.

Currently, all three defendants are being held in the Dallas County Jail on a $1 million bond.

John Oxmoor, prosecutor in the case, said the district attorney’s office was dedicated to getting a stiff sentence in the case.

“I’m glad these children weren’t harmed,” he said. “But we take it very seriously.”