Wall of Honor is for heroes

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 5, 2005

To the editor,

At this point in time, the Wall of Honor at Post 20 represents 40 of Selma’s veteran citizens who either served in combat or in hostile combat zones. A total of three and a half years of work has gone into selecting, writing newspaper articles and paying tribute to these men and women. Most of the present members of this elite group are World War II veterans, however, the work and wall isn’t complete. Plans are to continue with Korea and Vietnam veterans on the wall.

It all began April, 2002 when ex-POW and first recipient, Frank S. Bolen, was chosen. Since that time 39 others of like caliber and class have been added to the wall. Names that spell sacrifice, courage, duty, loyalty, patriotism, citizenship and devotion to God, family and community. Also, names that spell Who’s Who in Selma and Dallas County the past sixty plus years.

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Listed in the sequence in which they were recognized as Veteran of the Month and appear on the wall beginning in the top left corner and proceeding from left to right as reading text, they are:

Frank S. Bolen, G. Willard Vick, *Earl Goodwin, Robert M. Slone, *Travis W. Barnes, Jr., Carl C. Morgan, Jr., Sidney Trammel, Henry A. Vaughan, Jr., William B. Thomas, George Swift, Cecil L. Tennimon, Neal E. Avritt, John B. Moore, Richard Gibian, William P. Sellier, Virginia O. Nutt, J.M. Gaston, Donald M. Russell, Edgar P. Russell, John A. Russell, Frank L. Calloway, Richard S. Bean, Helen M. Lattal, Seymour L. Cohn, Chester O. Stephens, Jr., Marion L. Edwards, Calvin W. Saunders, George P. Vickers, Jefferson G. Ratcliffe, Gerald L. Mooney, Franklin Arnold, Jr., Henry A. Mizelle, Frank E. Phillips, Walter C. Myers, John J. Jernigan, Joseph D. Ross, Jr., Lewis C. Singley, Melvin Boozer, John H. Melton and Robert E. Baker.

(Asterisks indicate those who have completed their service to our country and mankind. Since their tribute, they have joined those heroes who didn’t come back and are now in the hands of our Lord.)

Civic groups and schools are welcome to visit the Wall of Honor by contacting me or sending a request to:

The American Legion Post 20 P.O. Box 123, Selma, AL 36702-0123

James G. Smith

Past Commander Post 20 (2003-2005)