Coach brings fire to diamond

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 7, 2005

The Selma Times-Journal

Brown’s knowledge of youth league could help him to get his program started. The Hornets finished 1-38 last season under Brown’s predecessor. To combat such an anemic record, Brown is recruiting his own kids to the program.

So far the coach has signed a handful of local talent from across Dallas County: Reginald Robinson, Rickey McConico, Chris Sewell, Cody Alan Smitherman, Chase Knight and Spence Roe. He has also signed four players from Detroit and two from Mississippi. Brown also signed one player from Wetumpka High School that played in the Dixie Majors District Tournament in Selma last week.

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Brown admits that he had gotten burned out, but says that he has found a new passion for the game.

Brown said that as long as the kids handle themselves in the classroom then they will be all right.

Brown admits that it will be interesting to see if his "pre-historic" baseball style can be successful with today’s athletes.

Brown plans to have his Hornets play a schedule of at least 35-39 games, which he expects to win at least half.

After next May, Brown’s question will have an answer.