Boxing in Selma worth bragging over

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Selma has something new to brag about.

The city of Selma has held many state championship events such as track and field competitions and even youth baseball championship games. Now Selma will be the site of the Southeastern regional boxing championships, a tournament just two steps away from Olympic competition.

The center has done a great and needed job in caring for Selmas youth and teens. The center gives the adolescents a place to go beside onto the streets learning life the hard way. Instead they are being taught about self-discipline and the benefits of hard work. Another benefit of these youth being involved especially with boxing is that kids cannot box and continue to drink and smoke, which are both detrimental to them and their future.

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The efforts that Hardy and all of those who work and volunteer at the center has paid off. The benefit of this is proven by having the opportunity to host such an event. The people of this community need to attend the tournament and support those boxers from the ESYD. The kids have worked extremely hard to get to this point and the adults of the community have a responsibility to cheer them on. This is an opportunity for some of Selma’s kids to make it to the Olympics.

The Times-Journal also commends Hardy and his staff for giving the kids of Selma something productive to do and for giving the residents of Selma something to be proud of.