United Way still needs your support

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 4, 2002

The 2002 United Way fundraising campaign is close to wrapping up for another year.

The Selma-Dallas County United Way is near its 2002 goal of $500,000. The United Way is close but close

is not as good as we can do or need to do.

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Every year it is important for the United Way to reach its campaign goal. If the goal is not met, then local agencies will get a reduction in funding.

For many of us, that may not seem like a tragedy and in the scope of things, it probably isn’t. But in a community like Selma, there is no good reason why we should fall short of this goal. We often tend to think of Selma as an area that lacks commerce and as an area that is not prospering.

This isn’t the Silicon Valley or New York, but we are far from being a community that lacks the ability to fund important projects like the United Way. We have a good

economic base here that can accomplish this goal.

What we have to do in the remaining weeks of the campaign is simply make our pledges. If we make our commitments, we can make this goal.

If you are one who decided you were not blessed enough this year to give to the United Way, please reconsider your decision.

There are others who are not as fortunate as you who are depending on you. They are probably on the receiving end of programs that the United Way funds. There is a chance those folks may do without something they cannot replace if the United Way has to cut its funding.

There are many charitable organizations constantly seeking our dollar. What makes the United Way unique is that it acts as an umbrella organization that feeds your dollars right back

into more than a dozen organizations in Selma. Giving through the United Way is an efficient way to help many.

Please take the time to fill out your pledge cards and make a commitment. Selma is too good of a community with too many good people to not make this goal a reality.