Proud students overcame obstacles

Published 5:18pm Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear editor,

The feeling of elation felt by teachers and coaches after watching their students or players succeed in the classroom, or on the field, after months of hard work and preparation, is a gift few people get to experience. What is far more rare is what I experienced Wednesday during our school’s award ceremony.

Ten student athletes, whom I had the privilege of coaching in football and basketball this year, were recognized for their performance in the classroom. In a city where children are all to often forced to become adults due to circumstances, many of us have never dreamed of (neglect, abuse, drugs, jail, etc.) I feel what these 10 courageous young men were able to accomplish this year — both in the classroom and on the field — serves as a glimmer of hope for Selma, the Black Belt community and the state of Alabama.

Congratulations to the following:

Brandon Hope – best all-around Science Student

James Anderson III (3J) – Highest GPA for the year Pre-Algebra

Jaylen Robinson (Mississippi) – Highest GPA for the year Pre-Algebra A

Ronterrious Tabb – Highest GPA for the year algebra 1

Ryan Snell – Academic achievement for student athletes; 95 Overall GPA

Kevin Jones – Best all-around English Student

Ja’Mel Phillips – Most Improved Student in Civics

Ladarius Woods – Most outstanding student – Health

Richard Rembert – Mr. Hustle award – P.E.

Kenderic Holmes – Most Outstanding Student English


Mason Dunn

Teacher at R.B. Hudson Middle School

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