Celebrate your mom this week

Published 5:51pm Friday, May 10, 2013

This weekend is a time to remember how amazing and special your mom is. And I’m not talking about the run to the store Saturday night, grab a card and some bright flowers kind of remembering your mom — I’m talking about really think about how amazing she is and take time to appreciate all the things she does for you — even if you’re all grown up.

My relationship with my mom has changed over the years — and I think we’d both agree it’s been for the better. As a stubborn, oldest child, I was always demanding attention and of course, my own way, and I’m still not sure how either one of us made it out of those trying years alive.

My mom is patient and kind. Sure, she’s human and I’m sure there were times she wanted to smack some sense into me every now and then when I wasn’t acting how I should, but everything she does, she does with love.

Mom, I have to thank you for putting up with all the crazy, immature, teenage, back-talking years that were rough on pretty much everyone in a one mile radius. A mother’s love must truly be on a level all on it’s own. My mom is generous. She gives more to me and my brother and sister than she ever gives to herself.

As I’ve grown older, especially in the past several years, my relationship with my mom has become more of a friendship. I can honestly say that my mom has become one of my very best friends. As a child I knew that my mom loved me because she made me lunches and braided my hair. She let me stay up late sometimes, read me stories and didn’t mind if I tried on her makeup. When I was in high school I knew my mom loved me because she would buy me shoes and stay up late to help me finish homework projects. My mom would hem my uniforms, let me borrow her jewelry and even let me drive her car.

In college I knew my mom not only loved me but was reminded that she was the greatest mom in the world. She helped me pack and unpack numerous times; she sent me care packages filled with the essentials — like new pillows and Starbucks gift cards. She proofread my essays and encouraged me to work harder than I thought possible.

When I decided to move to Selma she helped council me and is still there to offer a big hug or word of wisdom when days are tough and I think I might die from stress.

This weekend, even though we won’t be together on Mother’s Day, I know that I will try to work as hard as she does to remind her of how much she means to me and how lucky I am that I get to have her as a mom.

No matter how far I travel or how busy life gets, I hope I always remember how amazing a blessing my mom is.


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