It’s time to put personal politics aside

Published 7:20pm Saturday, December 8, 2012

By Byrd Looper

Selma, Alabama

Dear Mr. President:

I have not written recently due to my being extremely despondent over the election results. What you have done to our once great country with your many failed policies and your desire for a socialistic system has placed America in very grave circumstances.

Under your leadership, we seem to be always faced with one serious crisis after another. Currently, it is the threat of our going over the “fiscal cliff” by your not extending the Bush tax cuts, your threat of higher taxes for the wealthy and the extension of the national debt limit. You have looked the other way, namely involving the situation in Benghazi where four Americans were murdered by terrorists.

As many have pointed out, higher taxes for the rich would hardly dent our huge $16 trillion debt. The only real answer: cut spending in all areas and reduce taxes.

As I have said often, when you tax the wealthy, you are dealing with those who create jobs. Your policies have added to the unemployed levels. Do you care? Shame, cut out the pork.

Your plan to cut military spending is outrageous. Under your leadership, more Middle Eastern enemies have sprung up, namely Egypt and Syria and Palestine, another adversary, is now claiming Jerusalem as its capitol. Israel needs our total support more than ever. Are they getting it?

Your activities in your first term were all about your personal politics and not were in the best interest of the American people. The prime example was your pushing your ObamaCare program rather than working on the jobs problem and our huge deficits. ObamaCare will cost more and provide less quality medical care.

Doctors are very concerned, with many leaving their profession.

Mr. President, the American people expect you to provide maximum national security along with an effective plan to reduce our huge national debt. It is time for you to put personal politics aside and govern for all of our citizens.

  • Acourtland

    My, how soon we forget. These problems did not just happen in the last four years! They began with the inane elections of George W. Bush, and we all know this. Why do you think he is so quiet. Secondly, if you depend on Fox News for your facts, sir, I got some beach front property in Kansas to sell you! America was once a Christian nation that supported its Commander in Chief no matter what party affiliation. Now, people like you all are so bitter, crying because you supported the losing candidate, a candidate that had NO plan for our beloved country. In fact, Romney kinda reminded me of Nixon.

    Don’t you know that Everything that happens is God’s will, or do you believe that it’s only God’s will when things happen the way you want them? Support the President. Don’t try to make him a one term president ( you see how that turned out), or a lame duck for four years. Our country could be so much better if we all did.

  • MO-OF-IT

    But Mr. Looper…. Now the administration has income from Government programs higher than the median income for working Americans (per Fox News this morning). How else are they going to pay for people to do nothing? Folks not working will not create growth in the private sector so they must tax success.

    Only problem is socialism does not work when you run out of
    other peoples money!

    I say let’s go over the cliff and let everyone pay their fair share, upper to lower. Cut spending too including compensation to those who do nothing and contribute the same. Maybe then when everyone feels some pain real hope and change can take place. History tells us great things have happened due to taxation without representation. Only failure is in the future of taxing success.

    Viva la revolution

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