Victim injured in Friday shooting

Published 9:31pm Monday, November 26, 2012

The Selma Police Department is continuing to investigate what happened early Friday morning on Water Avenue, across from the Downtown Sports Bar, that led to the shooting of a Selma man.

According to information from the department, officers and detectives responded to a shots fired call on Water Avenue at Washington Street around 2 a.m. Friday. There, they discovered a number of shell casings and blood on the ground, but no victim.

“Detectives were told the victim — a 23-year-old Selma man — was taken to Vaughan’s emergency room,” Selma’s Lt. Johnny King said.

Detectives found the victim at the emergency room and were able to interview him, but King said, he was not able to tell them who had shot him. He reportedly was struck once in the butt.

“Detectives learned from the interview and other witnesses, that several subjects were shooting at the time after an argument and the victim might have been struck by a stray bullet while trying to get away,” King said.

The unidentified victim was treated at Vaughan and then later transported to Baptist South in Montgomery for further treatment. He was released that same day.

“At this time, we are following up leads but have not made an arrest at this time,” King said.

King added the department plans to place additional manpower in the downtown entertainment district moving forward.

  • popdukes12

    As much interest that has been shown concerning shooting at clubs, in the downtown area, I don’t see how this incident missed two editions of the STJ, and is now front page news. If this happened at 2:00 AM on Friday, I can see how it missed the Friday paper, but how would it miss the Saturday and Sunday papers, and all of a sudden be front page news on Tuesday. There were articles on vaccinations, parade preparations, and red kettles, but nothing of a criminal nature, like this. This article was written at 9:30 Monday night after the incident was discussed (at length) during the council meeting on Monday night. Had this subject not come up in a public forum, would it have ever made the paper (even as “filler”). Unicorns and rainbows are great subject matter for tea parties at White Force Cottage, but, the real world of human discourse is also out there and effecting the daily lives of individuals. Somewhere a balance in news coverage should be obtained between milk toast subjects and less desirable activities of individuals and entities in the area. Just my opinion, everyone has one. pops

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