Selma already gearing up for Christmas

Published 8:05pm Friday, November 9, 2012

For most of my life, the day after Thanksgiving meant it was finally time to get ready for Christmas. After hitting those 5 a.m. Black Friday shopping deals we would come home for leftover turkey, pop in some Christmas CDs and start decorating our tree. The Christmas season could official begin.

In my mind any mention of Christmas before Thanksgiving was downright Grinch-like; I felt as though each holiday needed its own special time and appreciation before jumping ahead to the next. I would scoff at the trees I saw glowing through windows the day after Halloween and the houses who had their icicle lights hung before Thanksgiving just seemed entirely too redneck.

However, once I went away to college and I wasn’t with my family everyday, I felt the icy heart of separate holiday syndrome melting. I suddenly needed my tree to be up before Thanksgiving Day so that I could have time to appreciate it before heading back to school for three more weeks until Christmas break. I wanted the joy of spending time with my family at Christmas to fill my home and my memories before leaving again, and I didn’t care that Thanksgiving would be bundled in with Christmas.

Now that I’ve graduated I just want each holiday to last as long as possible, especially Christmas. And with Thanksgiving still two weeks away Selma, like me, is already in the mood for Christmas.

This week in Selma, Fusion 100.1 and WHBB Radio teamed up with the Salvation Army to host a radiothon for the Angel Tree program. It’s the first week in November and people from all over the area called in or came by to adopt an angel for Christmas. These angles are children from families who need help providing a Christmas. These kids aren’t asking for a new iPad, in fact many said the thing they wanted for Christmas was a new school uniform. People and businesses came out in droves and adopted 305 of the 520 angles during the radiothon, which showed me that the Christmas spirit in Selma is both alive and contagious.

Our city is not only gearing up for Christmas by finding sponsors for deserving families, but the Chamber of Commerce is preparing for the annual Selma-Dallas County Christmas Parade. Registration is already underway for the Dec. 1 parade. Where I lived growing up, there was no city Christmas parade, so I am anxious to both see and participate in this fun, festive holiday event. Plus, to top it off, following the parade will be the lighting of the city’s Christmas tree.

And while I’m not quite ready to hear non-stop Christmas music on the radio, I am ready to embrace the upcoming holiday season, in fact, my family will be coming to town on Sunday just help me decorate my very own tree for Christmas. If you have “separate holiday syndrome” like I once did, I suggest you let it go and just enjoy the special times with your family.


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