Fighting the Good Fight helps us focus on principles

Published 11:40pm Monday, November 5, 2012

Growing up, fighting was considered one of the worst acts in which one could participate. However, as I matured, I quickly learned that there is a difference between a fight and a “good fight.” A “good fight” refers to a fight that is for a worthy cause. It compels us to action; our very existence is on the line. It is the kind of fight that the Apostle Paul speaks of in 2 Timothy and the kind of fight for which soldiers proudly wear their uniforms. This type of fight yields us no other alternative than to go to battle. We don’t merely fight for the sake of fighting, but we fight with a purpose and destiny in mind.

Today, although short-term political races conclude, the unending fight for the American Dream continues. We will continue to fight for the things in which we so deeply believe, but the question is how will we fight? Will we continue to be divided on the issues or will we seek compromise in order to move this great country forward. If we remain divided we will jeopardize the greatness of our country and the promise of a better America for the next generation. To move forward requires lots of discipline and sacrifice. There will be nothing more heartbreaking and frustrating than to remain divided due to an unwillingness of many to move forward. Oh, the agony that we will experience as a nation. If we continue to attempt to score political points, compromise will be impossible. Differences and disagreements are a part of the political process and to participate in government is to experience differences of opinions and ideas. It has always been our willingness to work together despite our differences that has made us a great country.

As we participate in this “good fight” our character will be revealed. Fighting with those whose views differ from ours only teaches us more about who we are as well as who they are. We can only learn compromise when we better understand one another. In the movie Matrix Reloaded, Neo is summoned to a meeting, but as soon as he enters the door he is attacked by the doorkeeper. After the battle, the doorkeeper tells Neo, “I had to fight you in order to know for sure who you were.” Sometimes it is necessary that we fight in order to see just how serious we are about an idea but this does not mean that those with other ideas should retreat. If you are anything like me, you want to be able to say that when it was necessary, you did not sit on the sideline. I have no doubt that we have the courage and fortitude to face the challenges that are before us; we must refuse to grow weary. In other words, it may be difficult, but we still have a choice. We can choose to be stressed or to be revitalized. When we remain optimistic, things have to get better.

Principles never change, they always remain constant. So, let us draw from our principles that make us the greatest nation on earth.


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