Michael Johnson event not supposed to be political rally

Published 3:37pm Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear editor,

On Saturday, July 14, Michael Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals hosted a Fun Day in the Park for the kids in Selma at the Ronnie Sharpe Park.

Thanks to the City of Selma’s first response departments, the Chamber of Commerce and many other sponsors, the event was a success.

Selma Recreation made sure the park was beautiful and well equipped to accommodate a lot of people.

A special thanks to the fire department also who were there for the kids and who provided assistance in any other way they could.

It was a fun filled day for hundreds of kids who had a good time taking advantage of the various games available, the prizes distributed and the food

Thank you Selma Mayor George Evans and all of the other candidates in the upcoming election who either volunteered to work and/or came to show support of the event.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness of keeping the intended focus of the event on the kids.

However, one candidate’s supporters appeared in mass wearing articles of clothing in support of their candidate.

This caused people to ask if the event was a political rally for this candidate. It was not.

For that, we apologize, becausen the event was not a political rally for any certain candidate, nor was it an endorsement of that candidate.

Wearing articles of clothing in support of any certain candidate was strictly the choice of those involved.

The Fun Day in the Park and the activities planned by Michael Johnson and his foundation were solely for the enjoyment of the kids.

Again, we apologize if it appeared otherwise.


Thomasene Johnson


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