Spending scandals are sickening

Published 12:49am Sunday, April 29, 2012

If events over the past few weeks haven’t convinced you the federal government is completely out of control, then I suppose you are helplessly naïve. There has been news of government agencies on wild parties and spending sprees with total disregard and disrespect for the American taxpayers. Secret Service agents and military personnel in foreign countries representing the United States of America and the highest office in the land soliciting prostitution and causing international embarrassment. The Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta costing taxpayers over $800,000 commuting to the west coast since July 2011.

I am not sure how much more arrogance the poor taxpayers can tolerate. This attitude and degenerate conduct apparently is pervasive throughout our government. Where is the oversight, where is the president and where is Congress?

Sadly, there is hardly any redeeming quality left in the federal government. It is there to rape the public of its hard earned dollars to frolic away at the pleasure of bureaucrats, appointees, elected officials and its own perpetuation. It has to end here and now.

The scandal with the General Services Administration ($823,000 party) is only a fraction of what they have been recklessly squandering on wild extravaganzas and enforcing the Obama Administration policy of favoring big labor union contracts at the exclusion of non-union entities.

The GSA and other federal agencies have been living it up for decades at taxpayer expense. The GSA is an agency that should be completely eliminated and its functions, if it has any, farmed out to the private sector.

Billions of taxpayer dollars could be saved by contracting to responsible non-union private companies. They received $5.5 billion in stimulus money; how well do you feel it has been spent? It is sickening and shameful.

Then, there is the Secret Service and their shenanigans. Estimated cost of investigating this incident is $1.5 million taxpayer dollars. What do you expect when the folks they have been protecting have been engaging in hanky panky themselves? However, bad behavior on the part of a president does not justify bad behavior of underlings hired to protect them. They all act as if it is party time on the taxpayer’s dole instead of the very serious nature of their jobs and the country’s debt problems.

The GSA, Secret Service and military personnel involved should be relieved of duty and severed without benefits or pensions. Congress should impose limitations on how much government elected officials (including the president), appointees and employees can bilk the taxpayers for commuting, partying and vacation expenses.

Panetta may be a very important man, but he is not that important nor is the president. If these people want to act like children, then they must be treated as such.

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