Count your blessings

Published 9:18pm Monday, November 21, 2011

A young couple had only been married for a few months, so they were still getting to know each other. The wife’s family continuously told the husband how awful a cook she was. To prove her family wrong, she secretly decided to cook the Thanksgiving turkey that year. When it came time to have the meal, she announced to her husband, “This year I cooked my first turkey. If it isn’t cooked right, please don’t say a word. We will just get up from the table and go out to eat for dinner.” The husband agreed! The wife entered into the kitchen more nervous than ever. As she returned to the table bearing the turkey, she was stunned to find her husband seated at the table wearing his coat and hat with the car keys in his hand.

Arriving at the restaurant, they placed their order as they laughed about what had taken place at home. As they sat patiently waiting for their meal, the wife revealed to her husband that she thought she could cook the turkey faster by putting it in the microwave. To her surprise, the husband let her in on a secret too. He said, “Your mom called and asked me to tell you that she was just joking when she suggested that you cook the turkey in the microwave. I told her that it is too late, you were already about to bring the meal to the table.” The couple sat there and laughed at the whole situation. When their meal arrived to the table, as was custom, the husband blessed the food and they began to eat.

After taking a few bites, the husband began to grumble about the poor quality of the food. He expressed how the turkey was unseasoned with a rubbery texture. His wife interrupted him, “Honey, do you suppose God heard the thanks you gave a little while ago?” “Certainly,” the husband confidently replied. “And did He hear what you said about the turkey and dressing?” “Of course,” replied the husband with a note of caution in his voice.

Then his wife asked, “Well honey, which did God believe?” Hesitantly the husband responded, “Both, I assume.” She informed him that this meal was really the turkey and dressing that she had cooked earlier. “I really just wanted to see if you would be thankful for my efforts,” said the wife.

Although it’s quite easy to complain we must choose to be thankful for our family, friends, and fellowship. So this Thanksgiving, we must be thankful despite of our circumstances.

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