Landfill needs to be cleaned up

Published 8:22pm Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After reading the article in the newspaper dated August 28, 2011, “state eyes trash,” I was horrified at the picture of the garbage that was just dumped above ground.
The response by the Mayor was nonchalant and not representative of a person responsible for the well being of this city and community.
The Mayor, nor the people that he supports, does not live by the filth and stench of this mess. As a result, he is not concerned. In the article, he thad the nerve to blame the citizens for trash mixing. What should have been under ground should have never been above the ground for people to see or smell.
I pray that there will be no outbreak of illnesses and diseases from this. I hope and pray that Mayor Evans moves at God’s speed to clear this up and learn from this.
I feel that I am in harms way. This mess could affect the whole city.
Step up and be a mayor for all of the people. Clean up this mess you made.

Delois Thomas

  • D-man

    drama indeed… the garbage doesn’t stink near as bad as BRC being so quick to be interviewed by the STJ to try and publically humiliate the mayor… it’s tough being a minority of “1″ on the council…

    • popdukes12

      She votes against sewer repairs in her own ward. I wonder is she will be picketing the construction site? pops

  • allmylife

    I agree it needs to be removed but you can lighten up on the drama! It should be obvious to all that this letter is nothing more than a politically motivated election season(Perkinite) attack on Mayor Evans.

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