Former Selma Mayor will be inducted into Alabama Officials Hall of Fame in August

Published 11:05 am Friday, May 24, 2024

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Former Selma Mayor George Evans will be inducted into the Alabama Officials Hall of Fame on August 3 in Oxford.

Evans, who passed away on May 15, 2023, had a stellar career as a referee. He was a lifelong resident of Selma. 

Evans began officiating for the AHSAA in 1968 for basketball and football, inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2002. Evans worked many state championship games in both sports and later became the West Central District director.

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Former AHSAA executive director Alvin Briggs said last year  Evans brought integrity to officiating. 

“George’s calm, consistent and caring demeanor made every game he officiated very special. I can’t count the number of championship games he officiated in the AHSAA,” Briggs said. “I do know that when he walked on the court, both teams knew they were going to get the very best officiating possible. Growing up in Greenville, I can tell you George Evans was an inspiration to me and so many others. He served his fellow man well. We all should live our lives like he lived his.

“He not only helped make us a better association serving the needs of our students regardless of color or background, but he was also a pioneer who helped set the standard for officiating in this state as well.”

Evans became a college official and joined the SWAC in 1979, becoming its coordinator of officials. Evans advanced to the Elite Eight tournament at the NCAA Tournament, working games coached by Bobby Knight, John Calipari and Jim Boeheim, all national champion winners. 

“I never expected to be into the Hall of Fame for the SWAC,” Evans said at the time. The SWAC was the building block for all thatThe high school games were instrumental because I got started. Then I went to the college level and Division I. SWAC was my first Division I conference to work in and I went on from there to the Sun Belt and SEC and Conference USA and Big 12.”

Evans said before his death that  Knight, Calipari were colorful coaches.

Evans is well known in the community for starting the Evans Special Needs event nearly 15 years ago, which includes a golf tournament and Fun Day 

Evans was Selma Mayor from 2008 to 2016, a former Selma City Council President and Dallas County Schools Superintendent. 

Evans and his widow, Jeannie Evans have three songs: Patrick, Duane and Byron.