Selma native advances to Top 9 of the Voice

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Selma native Asher HaVon advanced into the Top 9 of the Voice.

Havon is part of Team Reba, a group headed by Country music legend Reba McIntire. HaVon sang Boyz II Men’s Classic love ballad, “I’ll Make Love to You” on the NBC hit show on Monday night.

“It was as big as I wanted it to be,” HaVon said. “I just hope that I make everybody proud, I just hope that you all feel my heart.”

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After Havon performed the former number-one song, McIntire quipped, “he could sing the phonebook and make it a hit. Asher is my inspirational soul singer. He’s very versatile. He can do the R&B and the gospel, and when he sings a song, it does touch your heart.”

Havon talked to his five-year-old self on Social Media. 

“I’ve returned to our very first dream – the dream of music and singing,” Havon said. “I know you can’t quite make out the words in this letter right now, but maybe 27 years from now, you’ll stumble upon it and feel the impact of our journey. You see, we’ve been through a lot. There were moments of heartbreak, sadness, and uncertainty. But here we are, in this time and era, where our passion for music has been reignited. The trials and tribulations have shaped us into who we are today – resilient, determined, and ready to embrace our true calling.”

Monday show, 7 p.m. on NBC, will be live with a semifinal berth on the line. Voters will determine who makes the final four.