Ennis Martin

Published 8:45 am Friday, April 26, 2024

“A man’s greatness is not measured by his accomplishments, but by the content of his character”

Born on August 25, 1979 to his first love, Arlesha Martin. Little did she know, this arrival would ignite a profound joy that would ripple outwards, touching the lives of countless others. Ennis, the firstborn of the Martin family, arrived with a birthright of unwavering love from his late grandparents, Napoleon & Mary Martin, and aunt, Teresa Martin.  This love, a constant and powerful force, became the foundation for his life.  While showered with more toys than any child could manage, it was this love that truly shaped him. He gained his eternal wings on the morning of April, 20.

Services will be held April 27 at 11 a.m. at Ellwood Community Church, 1 Bell Rd, Pastor Gary  L. Crum, Sr.

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Big “E”: Ennis was a big guy with a big heart. His charisma drew others in, his loyalty was unwavering, and his humor offered an endless well of laughter. He fiercely protected and cared for his family, and his circle of friends was a testament to his genuine nature.

Ennis’ legacy lives on! What he left us with is greater than the most precious stone on and out of this world, something priceless; Eniyah,  Enijah, and Errion Martin.

Ennis is survived by his mother, Arlesha; three children; Eniyah, Enijah, and Errion Martin, four cousins Gaitrice, Monica (James: James Jr, Ethan, Sebastian), Valencia (Nigel, Nassir), and Vincent; Great-Aunt, Nancy Hosea; Great-Great Uncle, Ulyses Reed and a host of cousins, friends, and loved ones.