Selma Marina to re-open soon

Published 4:01 pm Tuesday, January 9, 2024

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The Selma Marina’s makeover was initially announced in August 2022, back and forth discussions within the community regarding project delays centered around the Jan. 12, 2023 tornado.  Selma officials attribute the previous postponements to design modifications, explaining that last year’s storm did not contribute to any delays.

When queried about the project’s current completion date, Ward 3 City Councilman Clay Carmichael said he could not confirm a specific date,

“I cannot answer that question,” Carmichael said. “However, I am very happy with the job taking place and also pleased with the workmanship.”

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After securing funding over the summer, the restoration project received the go-ahead approval on Aug. 4, 2023, with a project completion date set for the end of 2023.

The project’s funding, a collaborative effort, drew support from various sources, including grants from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) as part of the agency’s Boating Infrastructure program. The project received a $200,000 ADEM grant, mirroring the one designated for the “T” pier construction in Camden. The City of Selma also contributed $67,000, supplemented by an additional $30,000 in local contributions, and a final $25,000 was provided by the state of Alabama.

Many community members have agreed that the allocation of funds was well spent on a much-needed and overdue project. While the summer of 2023 came and went without notable changes, behind-the-scenes efforts to complete the Marina project were intensified by the $322,000 investment in dock and pavilion enhancements as the year neared its close. Unexpectedly, on Dec. 8, 2023, the City of Selma disclosed that the Marina would close from Dec. 11 – Dec. 31 for additional repairs.

The Selma community had hoped for the Marina’s rejuvenation for the beginning of the new year. Carmichael acknowledged minor delays due to cosmetic adjustments, but affirmed the project’s imminent completion.

Regarding the December 2023 marina closure, Carmichael said the design changes had not moved the estimated timeline,

“The marina was scheduled to reopen on Jan. 1,” Carmichael said. “It’s not running behind at all. The design phases took longer than expected due to changes in the way the state and corps of engineers required us to do it, then the docks had to be designed and built based on their requirements.”

The City Councilman explained that “Once the docks were completed and delivered, they shut the marina down in December and completed the work in less than 30 days.”

With the work complete at the Marina and City leaders like Ward 3 City Councilman Carmichael remaining optimistic, the community of Selma readily awaits the reopening of the Marina by the City of Selma.