SELCOM owner reacts to Mayor’s refusal to sign contract

Published 3:14 am Saturday, January 6, 2024

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SELCOM owner Rick Williams responded to Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr. refusal to sign a city-wide surveillance camera contract with SELCOM on Dec. 12.

Williams dropped by The Selma Times-Journal on Jan. 2 and presented facts about the city’s camera system.

“The facts are in response to misleading statements that have been spoken about our first and second successful bids for the City of Selma’s camera system,” Williams said. 

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Williams presented information about the contract, in response to what Perkins presented to the City Council:

-For the first five years, Alabama Power bid $811,000 versus Selcom’s cost of $445,000

-The equipment proposed is 100% National Defense Authorization Act compliant.

-There is no additional maintenance cost to the city for the term of this contract.

-SELCOM will not place a lien on equipment unless payment is not made, a standard practice in Alabama.

-No provision in the contract allows SELCOM to stop work and charge the city. There is however, a provision that imposes a 2% monthly charge for any outstanding balances that are 30 days past due. 

-There is no additional cost of $109,200. Williams said he is not sure where that came from. 

-SELCOM simply supplied the city with its standard contract. Contracts are usually reviewed, marked up for changes and returned for comment.

-Neither Alabama Power nor SELCOM bids included utilities. SELCOM gave the city an option in our bid to include the utilities. In an effort to hold the overall cost down for the city, Williams recommended the city cover monthly utilities for the system.

Selma City Council President Billy Young said the SELCOM contract has been submitted to legal counsel for review.

“As with any contract, the parties can negotiate acceptable terms and make improved financial adjustments,” Young said. “The council is doing its best to move forward and acquire cameras for the city of Selma.”

On Dec. 12, Perkins said that while he disagreed with SELCOM, he wouldn’t stand in the city council’s way.

Councilman Clay Carmichael said he stands by his decision to choose Selcom as our citywide camera provider. 

“They were the lowest bidder, have the best technology, and they’re a local mom and pop that employs people who live here,” Carmichael said. “ I’m sure we’ll work any contractual issues out before final approval.”