National media irate over Alabama reaching playoffs

Published 7:29 am Friday, December 15, 2023

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The University of Alabama football team spent the past week in the national spotlight. The Crimson Tide (12-1) was under scrutiny for earning the fourth and final college football playoff berth over Florida State.

Michigan faces Alabama in a national semifinal on New Year’s Day.

I was appalled that some media members regarded Alabama reaching the college playoffs as a controversial move over an unbeaten ACC Champion. That makes no sense.

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Yes, Florida State (14-0) beat highly-regarded LSU, but the Seminoles were an injury away from having the equipment play quarterback. Defeating a Louisville team that couldn’t beat Kentucky, which Alabama took out 49-21, is hardly impressive.

Some national commentators said that the SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey worked his way to get the Crimson Tide into the playoffs, which boggles my mind.

A 12-1 SEC champion gets the nod over any school. Sankey works for the SEC, not the media and Florida State. Of course, Sankey will lobby for the league champion or he’d be at the unemployment line.

I’ll credit the national media members who defended Alabama making the college playoff, risking potential ratings on their shows.

All of the whining about the Crimson Tide punching a ticket into the college playoff is another reason I don’t watch or listen to many pre-game shows anymore. Ex-pro athletes spending more time rooting for or against teams doesn’t work for me. 

Radio announcers Eli Gold of Alabama and Auburn’s Andy Burcham never hide allegiances to the schools that sign their paychecks. They both told the Selma Quarterback Club this and I respect them for it.

I’ll speak on behalf of the Selma and Dallas County residents who either graduated from Alabama or have some connection to the school.

Alabama made the college playoffs, fair and square. Sunrise will still come every day as scheduled, unless there’s a forecast of rain.