Edmundite Missions publishes children’s book

Published 5:50 am Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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In an enchanting blend of knights, fairies, and dragons, Edmundite Missions in Selma has unveiled a captivating new children’s book series, “Rumbly Tummy Adventures.” 

To mark the book’s release, Edmundite Missions hosted three launch events on Nov. 29, with two in Selma and one in Camden. The events in Selma included a morning reading at the Selma-Dallas County Library and an afternoon reading at Broad Street Books, followed by a reception. Edmundite Missions President and CEO Chad McEachern expressed his joy in experiencing the book reading.

“I am so proud of how successful our book launch and reception were tonight at Broad Steet Books,” McEachern said. “Reading to the kids and seeing how excited they got with each page turned made the whole process of creating this book worth it.” 

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The series dives into the imagination of Shawn and Nia, two elementary school children who tell each other stories as they walk in their neighborhood. The stories are adventures, but all focus on the theme of healthy eating. 

The inaugural volume, “Rice to the Rescue!” was authored by Etaine Raphael in collaboration with Edmundite missions Vice President Dr. Susan Raymond. The story takes young readers on a delightful journey that seamlessly weaves together tales of adventure and the importance of nutrition.

Illustrated by the talented Andrea Ketchelmeier and featuring original recipes crafted by Leah Brickley, “Rice to the Rescue!” introduces children to the world of healthy eating through a magical narrative. With a princess in a tower, a dragon with a soup-laden tail, a knight who creates lunch—this imaginative tale contains all the ingredients necessary to engage young minds while imparting valuable lessons about nutrition. 

The package doesn’t stop at storytelling; it includes six original recipes made from simple ingredients that can be cooked in the crock pot or a microwave and encourages children and families to explore healthy cooking together. An accompanying activity book filled with mazes, word games, and coloring adds an interactive element to reinforce the importance of a healthy diet in a fun and engaging manner.

Edmundite Missions, according to their website, is a Catholic organization rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is committed to tackling systemic poverty in the deep south while providing for the immediate needs of those affected. Their motto, inspired by founder Father Frank Casey, S.S.E. is, “Do the best we can, with what little we have, to serve those most in need.”