Commission approves closing of Kelly Road

Published 5:12 am Thursday, November 16, 2023

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The Dallas County Commission approved the closing of Kelly Road to the public on Monday.

A public hearing was held during the monthly commission meeting day, presided by Dallas County Attorney John Kelly. Kelly Road is located down Highway 14.

Kelly said a petition was filed by Ronald McMillian. The petition included 19 before being brought to the County Commission and filed at the Dallas County Courthouse.

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Residents on Kelly Road have complained about constant gun shooting, cars parked without authorization, and trash dumped in the area. A dead body was once placed in the area years ago.

Dallas County Commissioners Vivian Rogers and Connel Towns both said they cleaned up the area once and it cost over $7,000.

Terry Chestnut, a resident of Kelly Road for over 30 years, said that he supports the closing of Kelly Road.

Dallas County Probate Judge Jimmy Nunn said that Kelly Road will be reopened at a future date once it is cleaned up.

“We can close it permanently and go back to reopen,” Nunn said. “When Kelly Road is not cleaned, it brings down the property value.”