Dallas County Zetas invade Selma Times-Journal

Published 6:25 am Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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Around this time two years ago, I received the most surprising call.

A woman  was on the other end of the call when I greeted her, “Selma Times-Journal, this is James Jones, can I help you?”

She introduced herself. “Good morning, Mr. Jones, I’m Shelly McGee.”

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McGee asked a question that stunned me. “I was told that a Phi Beta Sigma member worked at the Selma Times-Journal and I’m supposed to find him.”

My eyes blinked twice and I wasn’t sure how to take that, but responded. “I’m a Sigma, what can I do for you?”

McGee explained her reason for making the call. “I’m a member of the Dallas County chapter of Zeta Phi Beta and we’d like to get some information in the newspaper.”

Once I gave McGee my email address, stories about Zeta Phi Beta began appearing in the Times-Journal. Photos of Zeta Phi Beta also started to appear at events they attended.

I didn’t have to go out and investigate to discover who was behind McGee learning about a Sigma at the Selma Times-Journal. Dr. Constance Hendricks, President of the Dallas County Zetas, told me she shared the information. The Gamma Alpha Alpha Zeta chapter of Sigma was created in 2017 and they work out in the community.

“I told Shelly McGee there’s a Sigma at the Selma Times-Journal, and we’ve got to find him,”  Hendricks said.

Once the Zetas started filling space in the newspaper, I received questions from the other sororities in Dallas County, the Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta. 

“Somebody down at The Selma Times-Journal must love themselves some Zeta Phi Beta,” an AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha) said.

A lot of people did not know I was a Sigma until I wore a chapter shirt at the Christmas parade a few years ago. I did not try to hide I was a Sigma, I just rarely wore the shirt in public.

I don’t play favorites with Zetas nor Sigmas over any organization. Any fraternity or sorority that sends me information to put into the newspaper, I will gladly run it. 

I’m just honoring the Dallas County Zetas for their debut in the Selma Times-Journal and encourage other groups to send in their information.