James Jones column: Georgia remains team to beat

Published 4:22 am Saturday, November 4, 2023

The first college football playoff rankings were unveiled Tuesday and it instantly created chaos.

Ohio State was ranked first, followed by two-time defending national champions Georgia, Michigan, and Florida State.

My only gripe with the rankings is Georgia.

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The Bulldogs are unbeaten and should be ranked first until they lose.

In the immortal words of the late John Madden, “You’re the champs until you’re knocked out.” Madden is best known as a video game creator, but his expertise as a Super Bowl-winning coach and commentator was spot-on.

The national sports media are looking for ways to put down the SEC, regarded as the best conference for years.

Ohio State had its chance last year against the Bulldogs, but the Buckeyes could not close the deal. Georgia hammered Michigan two years ago.

Six of the last eight national champions came from the SEC, including three by Alabama. (2015, 2017, 2020). LSU won it all in 2019.

I’ve read on the internet and seen on TV that the SEC is having a down year. Texas beat Alabama, the Seminoles knocked off LSU.  I’ll give you that.

Maybe the Bulldogs will be denied a three-peat. If a team beats the SEC, I’ll tip my hat to them. 

Everything always plays itself out. Some of these teams will lose, they always do. I don’t see Washington staying unbeaten and Oregon will get knocked off.

Until somebody beats Georgia, my money’s on the Bulldogs.