Barnhart speaks at Selma QB club

Published 4:50 am Thursday, October 19, 2023

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Veteran sportswriter Tony Barnhart was the guest speaker at the Selma Quarterback Club on Monday night at the George P.  Evans Building.

Barnhart, best-known for many years writing at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, gave his opinion on the many topics affecting the college football landscape.

“NIL doesn’t stand for Name, Likeness and Image, it means, Now It’s Legal,” Barnhart joked. “They (NCAA) don’t know what to do. Any change you make is a violation of anti-trust laws. College will talk about getting the federal government involved. A politician friend of mine said, ‘you don’t want to get us involved.”’

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Barnhart also said that the NCAA limiting kids to transfer once and sit a year the second time will eventually lead to a lawsuit and the child wins in the end.

Barnhart, 70, said next year will be fascinating in college football with the college realignment, especially that several Pac-12 members bolted for the Big 10.

As for the SEC Championship Game, Barnhart picks Alabama and Georgia, with the Bulldogs three-peat at national champions.