Colclasher opening plastic pipe facility at Craig Industrial

Published 11:45 am Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Colclasher Enterprises announced Tuesday they will open a $9 million plastic pipe manufacturing facility at Craig Industrial Park next fall.

Colclasher Enterprises plans to create 21 jobs over three years with an average wage around $24 an hour. The starting wage will be between $21.63 and $22.50.

“We believe this project aligns with the long-term goals and the vision of our company, the Selma and Dallas County community and the state of Alabama,” said Vice President Lyle Bollin.

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Bollin attended a press conference Tuesday at the Selma-Dallas County Economic Development Authority office alongside EDA Executive Director Wayne Vardaman, Dallas County Probate Judge Jimmy Nunn, Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr., Craig Industrial Park Director Jim Corrigan and Aubrey Carter of Alabama Power.

“We’re glad to have Colclasher at Craig Industiral,” added Corrigan.

Vardaman said he loves the potential of what Colclasher Enterprises bring to the table.

“I feel the company is a good fit for our community,” Vardaman said. “We’re excited to make this announcement.’’

Nunn worked with Vardaman and Bollin on tax abatement.

“I’m glad that the Dallas County Commission was able to work out the tax abatement,” Nunn said.

Perkins said it took the teamwork of Team Selma, consisting of himself, Nunn, Corrigan and Vardaman.

“I thank the teamwork we have in place; we were Team Selma before the pubic was aware,” Perkins said.

Carter called it a great day for Dallas County and sees more businesses coming.